Friday, July 20, 2007

The "Tarico Times" goes online!

After much deliberation, we (I mean I) have taken our yearly Christmas letter, the "Tarico Times", online as a family blog. Why the deliberation you ask? Well, first of all, I probably lack the writing skills to make this an interesting read to most people. Yep, the cat has been let out of the bag...although our Christmas letter is a joint effort, Doug writes a majority of it. I of course add anything that is funny or sappy. Ok not really....Doug is extremely funny, or at least I think he is. In fact, I have told him that he is pretty lucky to be married to me because I laugh heartily at all his jokes. He also accuses me of being “the funniest person I know" because I laugh at all my own jokes as well. Ok, ok, I like to laugh. It's good for the soul! In fact, I think some people should do a whole lot more of it. It would be good for them. But I digress...back to the reasons for deliberating about the blog. As Doug puts it, in his own cynical yet practical way, "Who is going to read it?" Hmm...not sure, I’ll have to get back to him on that. Lastly, attempting to put my thoughts and experiences into words (I have never even had a journal of any kind) and posting them for the world to see gives me a WEE bit of anxiety. That being we are. :) Although I will be the one updating the blog for the most part, you can (hopefully…Doug willing) look forward to a few well written, or at least less sappy, posts from him along the way.

Why create a blog? Firstly, we want to keep our extended family and friends abreast of our journey to adopt our daughter from China, and will help answer the continuing question, "Any news?" Secondly, we hope this will be a sort of journal that we can someday share with our daughter, capturing what we did as we waited, prepared and longed for her to join our family. And perhaps most importantly, we just hope to share with those we love this amazing, wonderful and sometimes difficult road that God has us on. So grab yourself a caffeinated beverage (you might need it), settle in and enjoy a poorly written, but sure to be sappy and occasionally funny, blog of the life and times of the Tarico's. Welcome!

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