Friday, January 18, 2008

Proof that children do come home

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Dana & Meili and Jenn at the zoo followed by lunch at In&Out Burger. It is always so great to get together with others who understand right where your at. Jenn and I have enjoyed getting together these last two years to commiserate. Well, this time Dana and her Meili (home since Sept.) joined us. It was so wonderful to meet her sweet daughter and ask her all sorts of questions about their experience in China. It also offered hope and proof that children do come home!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Camden took part in his very first Spell-a-thon at school this week. I was surprised that they had kindergartners participating in such an event. My kindergarten was all about art and nap time. Things have sure changed! The top three spellers in each class (K-2nd) qualified to participate and worked as a team. Camden along with Gracie and Alexis represented the McCarty Stingers. The kids did well especially considering that they aren't even proficient readers yet. Camden was so excited to be a part of it. But sadly, he was NOT happy when they didn't win it all! He is so competitive! I just don't know where he gets it from !?! :-)

The Principal introducing Camden's team.

The team in negotiations.
Camden spelling his word.
He got it right! :)

Our speller. We are so proud of you Camden!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Titus Retreat

God has made me more and more aware of all the wonderful things that I have been able to be apart of while we wait for our daughter in China. Many of which I would not be able to be apart of if she had already been home. The Mom's class/ Titus ministry is just one of those amazing blessings. The Titus tutelage is taken from the book of Titus where the older woman teach the younger woman. Barb T. who has been teaching the Mom's class at our church for twenty something years pours all of herself, her resources and friends into us to teach us how to better love God, our husbands and children and how to be better parents and wives. We in turn are small group leaders within the Mom's class. I can't even put into words how much this has touched my life.
Following are a few pictures from our Titus retreat which took place last weekend. It wasn't at all relaxing as it was quite an intense time of teaching. But it was a wonderful time of mentoring, time with the Lord and with each other.

Tamara, Josette, Susan, me, Erin, Sandy & Stacy

The whole gang at breakfast...and yes we are in almost all matching jammies! I think that has become a Titus retreat tradition.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas 2007

This year we spent Christmas in Florida. We met Doug's sister, Lisa and her family in Orlando who were in town for a gymnastics's clinic. We went to see ICE which was an enormous ice sculpture show. Sculptures from China spent three months creating amazing creations out of more than two million pounds of ice. Some of which were even colored. They were so cool. One of our favorite parts of it was the larger than life Nativity scene. Following that we took Camden ice skating for the very first time. Let's just say that it didn't go all that well. Camden spent most of the time falling down (or just holding on to the railing) and crying. Doug and I on the other hand had fun although I had forgotten how much it makes my feet hurt. I guess we will put our next ice skating adventure off a bit in the future.

We also enjoyed Universal Studios and Island of Adventures with Lisa & family. It was so much fun! They had a Seuss Land which had a Grinch show with The Who's and Cat in the Hat walking around. The kids loved it! They also had an afternoon parade which had some of the old floats from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. It was great fun.
Also in Orlando we went to Gatorland. It has been around for 60 years so their was a bit of a "cheese" element involved but we totally loved it as it was less commercial and you could get so close to the animals. We also went to see the Blue Man Group which we loved, Camden especially. They were so much fun and we just love the music!

After spending the week in Orlando we headed to Kennedy Space Center for the day and then on to Lisa & Paul's home in Jupiter. Although the kiddo's struggled to get a long at times, we had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' birth and getting out and enjoying some additional touristy things that Florida as to offer. We went to Parrot Jungle and Lion Country Safari which were fabulous. I especially loved Lion Country Safari as I had gone there as a little girl with my Grandparents who lived in West Palm Beach and it was fun to take Camden back there. Again, there was a bit of a "cheese" element but that made us enjoy it even more. :) We also went to a Playmobile Funpark which I believe is the only one in the US. It was so cool. You only pay a dollar to get in and they all have ALL the different Playmobile toys set up. The medieval and pirate area's were Camden's favorites. Lastly, it was warm enough so we spent a nice day at the beach which of course is always fun!

Thanks to Lisa & Paul and family for putting us up for so long! We appreciate your hospitality!

Here are some pictures from our time in Florida:

Here we are getting ready to enter the ICE show. It was so nice that they give you parkas to wear as it was a warm 9 degrees in there.

The Nativity scene at the ICE show.

More nifty stuff at the ICE show.

Camden & Daddy having BIG fun ice skating!

The Grinch Show at Islands of Adventure theme park.

Camden striking a spidey pose at Universal Studios.

Camden & I with one of the members of the Blue Man Group.


Space Shuttle Atlantis on the launching pad at
Kennedy Space Center.
My boys at Kennedy Space Center.

Paul, Lisa, Connor and Adri

Fishing off the deck at Lisa & Pauls home.

Christmas morning...Camden & cousin, Connor
in their Transformer voice changing helmets.

Lion Country Safari.

Camden at the Playmobile Funpark.

Nothing like burying Daddy at the beach!

Jupiter Island
Daddy & Camden riding co-karts at Funspot.

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