Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

This year we carved the pumpkin Camden selected from the Pumpkin Patch (no Safeway's ones for us this year) and even roasted the pumpkin seeds. Camden sure loved those! Thanks in part to his teacher this year, Mrs. Wolf, Camden is gaining a greater appreciation for more natural things. As he was eating his sugar snap peas (purchased from the store of course) the other day, he said, "Mom, these are good but not as good as the ones we picked from the garden. They were so good!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Camden's class headed to our local Pumpkin Patch today. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the beautiful pumpkins they had in our hot desert! The kids had a great time riding the wagon, picking out pumpkins and eating lunch.

Me & my boy

Camden & Bren Bren (as Camden calls him)

The First Grade Wolf Pack

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gaslight Theatre

We were invited to join our friends, the Lowell's at a fundraiser at the Gaslight Theatre. We had a great time watching their production of Frankenstein. It was Camden's first time at the theatre and his first time watching anything "monster like" so I was a little nervous. But he ended up having so much fun. Especially watching it with good buddies, Rob & Ted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We spent a long weekend visiting my sister, Stephanie and her husband, Paul in very chilly, Ely, Nevada. It's not always chilly mind you. In fact it wasn't chilly the day before we arrived or the day after we left. But while we were there we had highs in the 20's and 30's and snow. I am not complaining though. It has been way too hot where we come from. The cooler temps were a welcome change. However, Camden complained a bit saying he never wanted to live in Ely because it was way too cold! But we still had great fun hanging out, playing games and eating way too much of my Sis' great cooking. We did manage a little road trip to Leman Caves which is always enjoyable! Here are some photos of our time there:


Fun in the snow.

Stephanie & Paul after some fun in the snow.

Aren't they sweet? Nope! Doug shoved me into a snow bank soon after taking this picture. Okay, it was right after I shoved Camden into one! :)
Before heading to the caves we came across this beautiful sight:

Camden said..."Ah so cute!", "So why do you kill them, Uncle Paul?" Doug and I got quite a chuckle out of that!

The caves:

My Sis and one of her babies:

At the top of the hill behind their house:
My Sister and I.

We had a great time Paul & Stephanie. Although, Camden was a bit traumatized by all the animal heads in the room he slept in. :) Once Doug had them make jokes and play games, Camden thought it was pretty cool! Thanks so much for hosting us!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Suns Scrimmage

The Suns were in town this week for practice and for their first public scrimmage of the season. We were thrilled to be able to see them play in person and of course cheaply! :) We got all dressed up in our purple and orange and ended up joining Camden's good buddy, Brendan and his Dad. The boys had a great time watching the game together. The Suns were a little rusty but it was still great fun!

Camden and his Build-A-Bear Cheetah, Speedy all dressed up to go to the game.

The Fam

Nashie among others.


Everyone enjoying the game.

Tohono Chul Fieldtrip

Today Camden's class had a field trip to Tohono Chul Park. As the dutiful, Room Mother (and at Camden's request) I helped out as a driver. Fortunately, Camden still likes me to go on every field trip. Even though it was a hot day it was an enjoyable one as it is a beautiful park and the kids really enjoyed learning about all different kinds of desert plants.

Camden's class

My riders...Camden's best friend, Brendan and Grace.