Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe that today was Camden's last day of Kindergarten. Where did the year go? It sure flew by! He is growing up way too fast! Anyone else just want to stop the clock for awhile?

This first year at our neighborhood public school was a mixed bag. The school itself is a good one. They have amazing parental participation, high academic performance and seem to have all the little bells and whistles you can hope for. Those things are great but really the majority of your school experience (at least at this level) is very teacher dependent. Although I truly did enjoy Camden's teacher as a person, I came away from the year with disappointment. I know that no school or teacher is perfect. But I hoped that Camden's first year would be a positive one as it is just the beginning to many, many years of school. Unfortunately, he didn't love school and couldn't wait for it to end. Perhaps, even with an outstanding teacher, he would still be one of those boys that are just not a big fan of school. Hard to know. But I do think that school's in general do a disservice to young boys. But let's not get started down that road. Anyway, we are praying that First Grade will be different.

Fortunately, the last day of school was all about fun. The kids had a great time doing all sorts of water games, bubbles etc.

Here's Camden and his teacher:

The whole class:

All the Kinder boys lined up to play a water relay game against the girls:

Camden doing his part in the relay:
Camden and one of his best buddies, Brendan or Bren Bren as Camden calls him. They are so cute! They really enjoy playing together.
Camden and Brendan in their own little world:

Camden and bubbles: