Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Closer...

The CCAA recently referred 4 more days of LID's and are currently up to March 6, 2006. Our LID is 3-13-2006 which means we are 7 days away. Yes, 7 days away! What does this mean exactly? Only God knows for sure! But depending on how many days the CCAA refers, we will see a picture of our child either by the beginning of April, May or June. My hope (or prediction if I dare say) is May. But I do think we will receive our referral at the very latest by June and travel to China by August.
In the Fall, we created a paper chain to help Camden better understand where we are with the adoption and how close we are to seeing a picture of "Little Sister" (since we haven't been able to decide on a name in the nearly 4 years that we have been on this journey. We continue to refer to her as "Little Sister") . Each link represents an LID (log-in-date) and each month we remove the coresponding number of links. After removing 4 links this month, here's what our chain currently looks like:

And here is Camden ready to rip it to shreds:

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