Wednesday, April 15, 2009

China Adoption Monthly Cycle

38 months ago on Feb 17, 2006 our papers were sent to the CCAA in China. Shortly after, through one of the many Yahoo China adoption boards I joined, I met Jenn. I was ecstatic to make a local China adoption connection. We are with different agencies, but were excited to learn that our papers went to China on the very same day. Soon after emailing, we made plans to meet at a local park with our kiddos for a picnic. Doug was a little concerned at first that I was meeting a "friend" that I met on the Internet. :) But soon after came to really appreciate their friendship and of course adore their wonderful kids. Long before I was in blogland, Jenn was a blogger and posted about our very first get together. Since then we have gotten together pretty regularly to yak about all things China Adoption. Her friendship has been such a huge blessing to me. There is nothing like having a friend who knows right where you are at and understands the ups and downs of it all. I can honestly say that she has truly kept me somewhat sane these last three years and she has certainly helped me (try) to get my ducks in a row. Their log in date is 3-10-06 which is three days before ours. We are hoping that we will both receive referrals for our daughters in May and be in China at the same time. We would most likely be in different provinces but would both finish in Guangzhou where everything is finalized. So we would be likely to overlap there. Either way, we know they are next and will receive their referral in May. Words cannot express how happy we are for them!

Many of you have asked, "Any News?" Well in response to that seemingly simple but truly complex question, Jenn has written a post that really sums up the China Adoption Monthly cycle in all its gory detail. My friend has the gift of the written word and since I will be unable to reproduce such a post, she has given me permission to link to hers. To get a better understanding of the ups and downs of the last 37 months in China Adoption land and get a better idea of when we might get some "news" go to Stork Watch - Monthly Cycle.

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Jenn said...

You are too sweet. It's been a privilege and a blessing to ride this roller coaster with you. See you Thursday!