Saturday, February 21, 2009

Camden's favorite way to sleep

These days Camden's favorite way to go to sleep is no longer cuddling his favorite Tesin, which is the current name of his Teddy. (His name changes all the time by the way. In fact, we are a family that has many different names for each other, our stuffed animals and even our cat. If you didn't know it already we are a very weird family :) But anyway, he loves to go to sleep with his head directly on Teddy. It is so cute! I just love it that my seven year old baby still sleeps with his favorite Teddy and even still wants cuddle time each evening with his Momma. How long will it all last??? I am sure not long. He already doesn't want me to go to the bus stop to get him in the afternoon as he is a "big boy". He wants me to stay in the house. Well, this Mom is just not ready for that. So we found a compromise....I come out to our driveway and wait for him. Fortunately, for me I can see the bus stop from the front of our house!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Etiquette Party

Instead of a regular old Valentine's Day party, Camden's teacher has a tradition of doing a Valentine's Day Etiquette party. Have I mentioned that Camden's teacher is fabulous? She is always doing such creative things with the kids. She definitely goes above and beyond! Anyway, Parent's signed up to bring appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts and then participated as waiters and waitresses. The children had to dress up, use proper etiquette and order from a menu. They were so cute! They did a great job and seemed to really enjoy having us serve them like they were in a fancy restaurant. The meal was followed up with a dance party that the kids really enjoyed! Here are a few pictures from the festivities:

Gotta love this forced smile!

Mrs. Wolf teaching some of the kiddos:

Here's the class getting some dancing instruction. The boys were supposed to ask the girls to dance. Some of the boys didn't want to have anything do with it. Camden on the other hand had no problem with it. There are several girls he thinks are "nice" and was quick to ask a few to dance. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Castle Mailbox

Part of the First Grade curriculum at Camden's school is that every child has to write a Valentine's Day letter to his classmates which for Camden (& myself) meant spending many excruciating hours writing 19 letters. I don't want to put my boy in a box BUT it looks like Camden is not going to be a writer. He is a great speller and his penmanship is very good for a First Grader. But he struggles with the creative aspects of writing as do his Mom & Dad and he just plain doesn't enjoy it. He has recently said that Science is the most interesting thing in the world (he didn't get that from me) and Math is the easiest. Too funny! Anyway, to house the letters, Camden also had to create a Castle mailbox. Since I had the opportunity to enjoy the 18 letters, I kindly left this little project for Father & Son. It wasn't quite as fancy as some of the castle's (some parent's sure go all out on such things) but I think it turned out pretty cute: