Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making progress on the nursery

Thanks to my friend, Shari lighting a fire under me, I have now started to work on the nursery. It all feels a little surreal though. But after 4 years on this journey, I don't want to be caught with my pants down so to speak and not be ready. So my sweet friend came over two days in a row to help me get a handle on it. Thankfully she did as it turned out to take several coats of primer and paint to cover the purple/blue color as well a bit of back and forth to Lowe's to get just the right shade of green and pink. Unfortunately, I failed to get a true "before" picture. But suffice it to say that the room was a complete disaster as it had become a dumping ground for just about everything. So even cleaning it out and trying to figure where we were going to put all the stuff was a huge chore. But anyway, here's the "before" photo:
My friend, Shari hard at work:

I still have shelves to paint, pictures to frame and curtains to make (or buy) but this is what it looks like currently. I saw the diamond design many, many years ago and always wanted to try it.

The bedding is Wendy Bellisimo, Vintage Teaberry. I purchased it off Ebay several years ago and fortunately, I still love it.

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Jenn said...

OK, THIS is the post I've been waiting for! It looks gorgeous and everything has come together so nicely (which is hard to do when it's been collected over a 4year period of time, right?) Shari is a good friend and 'little sister' is going to love it!