Saturday, June 28, 2008

Frequent Visitor

The last few weeks we have had the best kind of frequent visitor....a beautiful hawk. He seems to really love the pine tree in our backyard. But he has also hung out on our pool fence and our picnic table which is on our patio. We couldn't believe he has spent so much time here. But we have just loved it. We love animals and greatly enjoy observing them whether it's in the rainforest's of Central America or our own backyard. Animals are so cool! Thank you God for these beautiful gifts!
Here's our handsome visitor:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Star Trek

Star Trek has become a big deal in our household. I guess it always has been. The cat that Doug brought into our relationship is even named, Lt. Uhura. I do have to admit that I have always had a soft spot for Spock. But it has certainly reached a new level. Nearly two years ago I made the mistake of buying Doug the original Star Trek series on dvd and lately that is one of Camden's favorite things to do with some of the old episodes (along with old episodes of Gilligan's Island). They seem to indulge in this treat especially when I'm not home. Well, it looks like it's having an effect on our boy. Just for the record...he did that himself.

Can you see the similarities?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Basketball at the JCC

We just finished our first season of Mighty Mights basketball at our local Jewish Community Center. Camden really enjoyed it and we somewhat enjoyed it as well. Although Doug and I did help out a bit with coaching, I mostly watched from the sidelines and I found it extremely painful. Basketball used to be my sport. I played both in high school and college and to stand by and watch a lack of fundamentals being taught drove me absolutely nuts. So what can you do? Well, for us...COACH! Doug and I signed on to coach Camden's team in the Fall. I am a bit nervous as it has been awhile since I coached. But it is feeling like time! With no little one at home, Doug and I can do it together which I am excited about. As far as Camden, he says he is very excited to have his Mom & Dad coach. But in reality he just loves basketball and is happy to play no matter who is coaching. He will tell anyone who asks that when he is older he is going to play in the NBA. I have a tendency to want to temper his enthusiasm with other words...with his genes it is seriously unlikely. But at this point I hold back. Who am I to say what God has planned for this special little boy? Maybe he will be the next Steve Nash? Or maybe he will be an engineer just like his Daddy. For the record...that's my guess! Until then we will play basketball to have fun, get a little exercise, hopefully teach him how to be team player and of course learn the fundamentals of basketball! :-)
Here are some pics from our season: