Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Sister finally has a Name

After more than four years since we decided to adopt, nearly three weeks since we received a picture of our beautiful daughter and calling her "Little Sister" this whole time...we have finally decided on a name. Those of you who know us well will just laugh. The name we decided on is one that has been at the top of the list all these years. It was on the girl list when I was pregnant with Camden eight years ago. But for some reason names are difficult for us. We had a hard time deciding on Camden. In fact, he didn't even have a name officially when we left the hospital. Although we had decided right before we left, the birth certificate lady had gone home for the day. Anyway, like we approach just about everything (well, at least Doug that is), we spent a lot of time researching and looking at websites, baby name books, street names of towns we love etc.. but we always kept coming back to this name. In the end, it came down to this name and Morgan. So without further ado, here is the new name of our daughter:

Avery Louise Xiuqing Tarico

Avery has no special meaning (sadly). We just love it. In fact, it has a meaning that make me chuckle. The sites we have found says it mean "elf counsel". Can we shorten it to mean "counsel"? :)

Louise was my Mom's middle name and it brings me great joy to remember my beloved Mother in this way. In fact, in the hours before my Mom saw Jesus over six years ago, when she could no longer speak but I knew that she could still hear me, I told her that if God blessed Doug & I with a daughter, we would name her after her. What a blessing to be able to do that!

Xiuqing is her first and middle name that the orphanage gave her, put together. We have been told it either means "beautiful celebration" or "beauty and dignity". We won't know for sure until we are in China but the name that the orphanage gave her may be the only thing she will ever have from her days in China.


Holly Crawford said...

Dear Shannon, Doug, and Camden! What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you all. I know these are exciting busy times as you prepare to meet your new daughter.

I'm so sorry I couldn't get my act together to get you the fabric for the quilt. I'll have to make something else with it for Avery.

Nathan and Emily's Mommy said...

What a beautiful name!