Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lego Birthday Party

Today we had nine of Camden's buddies over to celebrate his 8th birthday.

Camden has been all about Lego's for quite awhile now so it made perfect sense for that to be the theme for his party. Following is a photo of Cam and one of his creations. He calls it a futuristic bus station. It was so cute...he wanted us to take a picture so we could send it in to Brickmaster magazine as sometimes they put the photos in the magazine. We did just that but have yet to see it in the magazine but we did use it as the front of the birthday invitation.

Here is my attempt at a Lego birthday cake. Actually it's kind of a cross between regular Lego's and Lego Star Wars. Even though Camden has yet to see the last Star Wars movie he knows all about the battle between Annikan and Obiwan and asked if that could be on the cake. This cake didn't turn out quite as I had planned. I really didn't leave myself enough time (as usual) to do it properly but at least it resembled Lego bricks or at least Duplos! :)

The birthday boy:

An attempt at decorations and for the record those rectangles are supposed to look like Lego bricks:

Camden created some Lego centerpieces for the party:
We had only three planned games at the party. I find that boys (or at least my boy) enjoy being able to make their own fun and this time was no exception. As the boys waited for everyone to arrive, they played good guys and bad guys. At one point every boy had some kind of weapon in their hand. I'm embarrassed to say that we had enough weapons for every boy to have at least one.
The first game we had was guess how many bricks are in the jar. The other two games were timed Lego building games. The first one was who could build the tallest freestanding tower in 10 minutes and the last game was see how creative you can be in 15 minutes.
Lego candy...and amazingly they actually stack!

The boys hard at work on their creations:

The boys and their creations:

Here's me and my first attempt at a Pinata. It was fun creating it and the smell of the paper mache brought me back to Second Grade. Camden asked if the pinata brick could be gold as "Gold is a REALLY rare brick Mom!" :)

A party at our place isn't complete without a little swimming. Here's the boys enjoying our floating volcano.

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