Sunday, October 4, 2009

She sleeps

This is one of Avery's favorite sleeping positions. We find her with her leg through the slates quite often.
Oh and I do clean my floors even though her knees seem to tell a different story.
Avery's sleep issues have improved dramatically. She goes down easily at night in her crib which continues to be in our room. Sometimes she sleeps through the night but most of the time she wakes up once or twice a night but goes back down easily. It is wonderful to see that she is feeling more and more secure in our little family.

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Lisa said...

This is just too cute! And I'm thrilled to know she is sleeping well. That' such a huge step!

I'm impressed that you still clean your floors though. Didn't we sign something with AWAA that said we were exempt from cleaning until we scheduled our six month report appointment?!?!