Monday, November 2, 2009

Continuing the Tradition

We have a tradition that each year we attend the UA basketball Red & Blue srimmage. Unless friends take pity on us and offer us tickets to a game, this is the only game we go to each year. But we have attended this one every year since we returned to Tucson and this year marks 12 years. Camden's first time was when he was a mere 5 1/2 weeks old and this year we finally got to bring Avery who at nearly 16 months old did very well and wasn't at all fazed by all the buzzers, band etc. Quite unlike her big brother.
Camden & Wilbur:
Doug, Camden & Avery (& Obiwan):

Avery & I:

Avery & her Daddy:

Camden using Avery's shoe as a speeder for Obiwan. The Lego Star Wars fellas seem to go everywhere with us these days.

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