Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Our Jedi Masters

This year we went with a Star Wars theme for Halloween. Camden's good buddy had a Star Wars birthday party last Spring and they had made cool Jedi robes for all the boys (Perry' guys rock!) So Camden wanted to be a Jedi Master (Kid Fisto to be exact) and wear his. For Avery...we debated. My thought was that for our precious daughter on her very first Halloween with us she should be something like a flower, a butterfly or perhaps a ladybug. But in the end we decided that Yoda was a better fit for our family this year. :) Camden was so excited that she would be a Jedi Master like him and Avery just loves the little mini light saber which is actually one end of Camden's double light saber. In fact (sadly) she is starting to throw little tantrums when she see's it because she wants to have it. It's pretty cute...she loves to dual with Camden and even tries to make the light saber noises. Too funny! Hopefully in 5 years she won't be unhappy with us for dressing her as Yoda. Besides, there is plenty of time for her to be flowers, ladybugs and other girl stuff, right? ;)
Our Jedi Masters:
Avery striking a pose.
It's pretty cute...she can't walk yet but she can stand up without holding on to anything and stand unassisted for quite awhile as she is doing here:

My handsome boy striking a pose:

The many looks of Yoda (aka Avery) or Yodissa as Camden called her. Sorry Star Wars purists...hopefully we aren't offending you with the bows!

Doug & Avery at our neighbors shindig. After the party we headed out with some neighbors for some trick or treating. It was a fun night!

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Lisa said...

I LOVE her costume!!! It looks like you had a blast!